Form – Roll Off Containers Guidelines and Agreement

by Jerrad Edwards, November 23, 2015

Roll Off Containers Guidelines and Agreement

    • Please call ROADROCK Recycling at (337) 873-9853 with a 1-2 day notice to schedule initial delivery of Roll Off container(s) or Dispatch at (337)319-4173 for additional roll offs or to swap out roll off containers.
    • This Roll Off Agreement has to be completed, signed and returned to ROADROCK Recycling prior to delivery of Roll Off Containers.
    • A nominal fee of$200.00 will be collected upon delivery of Roll Off Container within 20 miles of a ROAD ROCK Recycling yard. The Roll Off Container will remain onsite for 1 - 2 days. After 2 days, there will be a rental fee of $50.00 per day per Roll Off Container.
    • If Roll Off Container is needed outside ROADROCK Recycling's local delivery area in next zone, customer will be charged an additional $100.00 fee.
    • All Roll Off Container fees and payments are due upon delivery, unless customer has a pre-approved credit application on file. Pre-approved customers who are billed, agree to pay invoices within 30 days of invoice.
    • Only CONCRETE is to be put in Roll Off Containers. NO WASHOUT. If dirt, roots, tree limbs, trash, construction debris, washout, etc. is put in Roll Off Containers, customer will be charged a $350.00 disposal fee per container.
    • Customer agrees not to overload/overfill the Roll Off Container. No concrete is allowed to go above or beyond the specified height designated by a "full line" marked on the roll off container.
    • Customer will provide and maintain a stabilized area for Roll Off Containers with unobstructed truck access to the Roll Off Containers. We can NOT off load a box on a public roadway. If the Roll Off Container is inaccessible, ROADROCK Recycling reserves the right to charge the customer an additional $100.00 collection fee. Customer is responsible for towing charges if ROADROCK Recycling's truck gets stuck at customer's location.
    • If ROADROCK Recycling's truck has to drive over pavement or a hard surface, customer ensures that the surface is adequate to bear the weight of ROAD ROCK Recycling's truck. Customer agrees to be responsible for any damage to pavement, curbs or other hard surface resulting from the weight of ROADROCK Recycling' s truck providing Roll Off Container service at customer's location.
    • Customer agrees not to move, alter or use the Roll Off Containers for anything other than its intended use of collecting broken concrete.
    • Customer acknowledges and agrees to care for Roll Off Containers at customer's location. Customer accepts responsibility for damage to Roll Off Containers and will be charged for repairs or replacement.
    • QUESTIONS? Please call (337) 873-9853 or Dispatch (337) 319-4173
    • For Concrete Roll Off Pick-Up/and or Swapping Out Roll Off Boxes, Please call Dispatch (337) 319-4173
    • *** Customer's Signature acknowledges and agrees to the above policies and prices. ***
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